Hello Goodbye

Hi friends! Laura here, the one who runs this show.

It's been a while- to be exact, in a month or so it will be a year since the site last updated! Not a proud milestone, I will say. Over the last year, my priorities shifted; I changed jobs, I changed jobs again, I started new projects and I was inspired to put my creative energies into other things. So SNOWCOYOTE fell to the side and I started to lose the drive to pursue the goals I had for the site.

My goals were mostly this: to sharpen my blogging/copywriting skills, produce downloadable resources for other creatives to use, teach myself online marketing techniques, experiment with monetized content (Adsense), and try to maintain a disciplined update schedule. I reached a few of those, and never got around to trying others. I've made $5.00 in ad revenue in a year and a half (hot dog!) so please don't suspect I was doing it for the money... It was a lot of fun getting into writing again and I had a great experience crawling out from under my rock to talk to other creators. 

What I'm building up to is this: I think I'm done with SNOWCOYOTE, at least in this form. I have two new ventures in the pipeline. The first is my new custom design boutique where I'll be selling my own merch (stickers, pins) and made-to-order creations. The site isn't live yet, but keep an eye on this URL in the coming weeks: ironicsanspress.com

Along with that, I'm revamping my personal portfolio site to focus more on the freelance services I offer, since I've been neglecting my efforts to find new clients. My old junker of a car is nearing the end of its life and after three successive repairs I'm upgrading- and it's not cheap! I'll be moving my portfolio to Squarespace since I've had the same site hard-coded with Adobe Muse since I graduated, and it's a bummer to edit.

Thing is, I don't want this blog to just disappear into the cyber ether, but hosting three Squarespace sites at once adds up, and unfortunately there is no functionality for exporting one Squarespace blog to another Squarespace site (I didn't know that until yesterday!) so if this site goes, so does SNOWCOYOTE. So I think the solution is, this site, this location, won't go away- it will be transformed into my new portfolio. The blog will still be there, and I probably will start updating again, but not in any kind of official, regular capacity. It will be design-related but it might get more personalized to my life adventures. I'm keeping the URL so snowcoyote.com will take you there, but the new name will be Oh-Laura.com.

To wrap this up, don't be alarmed if you stop by and things are unfamiliar and scary! It's still me, having the same kinds of adventures and plowing headfirst into more artistic experiments. Right now I'm a week away from hauling a tiny dragon's hoard of pins, stickers, and art prints to Spokane for my first two-day Lilac City Comicon. This year I tried Patreon for funding, I found a better sticker printer, and had enamel pins made for the first time, so you know I'm going to report on how all that went. No official announcements yet, but I also started writing my first book which will be a resource for people wanting to get started selling in Artist Alley, so I'll probably mention my progress on that at some point!

I want to thank everybody who let me bug them over email asking for your secrets to how you create the magic that you do. I never realized that connecting with other creatives was as easy as saying "hi." And of course, thanks to everyone who read my words and shared my links. Just seeing the numbers ("likes", pageviews, etc.) was a great sign for me to keep going. I hope you'll come visit when I have more to say! 

Be back in a bit.